As the fashion industry drives the global economy, accounting for 2% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the United Nations has turned its attention towards this growing trade. Many popular brands, not limited to: Zara, H&M Group, UNIQLO, and Nike have faced recent backlash for their unsustainable practices surrounding labor sourcing and ethics. This committee will dive deeper into the practices of fashion corporations in a phenomenon known as the “Race to the Bottom”. The “Race to the Bottom” describes the government deregulation of corporations to improve economic activity, oftentimes at the cost of ethical labor sourcing and sustainable work conditions. In this committee delegates will address the demand for fast fashion, unethical labor sourcing, economic dependency among nations, and the possibility of sustainable Ready Made Garment (RMG) factories.

The demand for fast fashion creates a platform for developed nations to unethically source labor, directly endangering the lives of both women and children who are subject to poor working conditions within RMG factories. Major corporations reach for high margins and profit in exchange for low wages and poor conditions. The nations subject to the most unethical labor sourcing struggle with large class disparities and poor infrastructure. Transnational corporations depend on cheap labor to maintain their margins and the developing nations themselves depend on sweatshops for stable (although minimal) wages to support their families. Developing economies are propped up on RMG factories, making the boycott of companies using exploitative practices a threat to their stability. It is up to the delegates to develop resolutions that promote sustainable working conditions, support developing economies, and maintain the interests of developed nations as well.

Melisa Villareal

Melisa Villareal


Melisa Villarreal is a first-year student at the University of Miami, studying Chemistry on the Pre-Medical track. Despite a focus in STEM, Melisa is very passionate about foreign affairs and global issues. She started her Model United Nations journey her freshman year of high school, making this her fifth year in the Model UN circuit. When not debating pressing global topics, she enjoys eating sushi, shopping, and going out with her friends! Melisa is so excited to meet you all this spring and wishes you the best of luck in your preparations for this committee!