Welcome Delegates! After the end of the 75th Hunger Games, the Capitol was able to capture many of the rebels. District 13 did not rest and was successful in rescuing all of the Capitol hostages. Now, it is up to the District 13 rebels to end this rebellion for once and for all and defeat the Capitol. It is up to you to try and unify the districts and put the end to the Hunger Games once and for all. 

This committee will operate as part of a Joint Crisis Committee. Delegates in the District 13 committee will have to compete to try to outsmart the Capitol committee. All directives, crisis notes, and updates will have an influential role on the other side. Delegates are encouraged to be creative and some may even find themselves as a secret agent for the other side.

Samantha Suchsland

Samantha Suchsland

Crisis Director

Samantha Suchsland is a sophomore at the University of Miami from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is double majoring in Political Science and Marine Affairs. In addition to being the Crisis Director for this committee, Samantha is also the USG of Outreach for MICSUN as well as the Public Relations Chair for the University of Miami Model UN team. Samantha is very excited to meet all of the delegates and is looking forward to a great committee.