MockingJay: The Capitol

Welcome, delegates, to this year’s Miami International Stimulation for the United Nations (MICSUN) conference. This committee will operate as part of a Joint Crisis Committee. As supporters of the Capitol, delegates will attempt to withhold power over the Panem, and ensure that the rebellion fails in overthrowing the nation. After the end of the 75th Hunger Games, the Capitol was successfully able to capture many of the rebels that have conspired against the government. However, amid chaos, the districts are gaining power. District 13 was able to successfully rescue all the Capitol’s hostages and is currently devising a plan to attack on the Capitol. It is up to you to decide the fate of Panem, and to ensure that the Hunger Games and President’s Snow’s government continues to reign for decades to come.  

As previously mentioned, this committee will operate as part of a Joint Crisis Committee. Delegates in the Capitol committee will have to compete to try to outsmart the District 13 committee. All directives, crisis notes, and updates will have an influential role in each side. Some may even find themselves conspiring with the other side, while others will find themselves staying loyal to the Capitol. Delegates are encouraged to adhere to their characters arc, but to also be creative and to think outside of just the well-known timeline of the Hunger Games books and movies. I look forwards to seeing you in the committee room. All hail Panem! 



Crisis Director

Laura Bea is currently an undergraduate sophomore at the University of Miami, majoring in political science, with a minor in journalism and concentrations in Latin American history and biological anthropology. Laura serves as Outreach Chair for UM’s competitive Model United Nations team, and further serves her university as Supreme Court Justice and Judicial Delegate for the Trials Initiatives Programs Appropriation Committee for Student Government. Laura also writes for the University of Miami’s official newspaper as a contributing writer for the opinion section and works as a Training Fellow at Ruth’s List FL, an organization that provides resources for female candidates looking to run for office in Florida. In her professional career, she works as Internal Quality Manager for Digital Mules, an FL-based digital marketing agency.