Playoffs, Protocols, and Profit: NBA Board of Directors, 2023

While the National Basketball Association (NBA) holds that its mission is to “inspire and connect through the power of basketball”, no one can deny its widespread influence as a global athletics and media business. This influence, however, is at risk of decline due to three main concerns that impact audience engagement: Questionable player availability due to the league’s Health and Safety Protocols, the seemingly overdone structure of postseason play, and the expansion of overpowered super-teams (teams with 2 or more superstars on the roster). Therefore, in this specialized committee, each delegate will represent a member from the NBA Board of Directors, an organization dedicated to maintaining the NBA’s success on both a national and international scale. While each member’s role varies from the other, the end goal is the same: to keep the league’s profits high while ensuring the utmost satisfaction from fans and the players/teams they support. In addition, delegates must be ready to adapt to and/or overcome both expected AND unexpected complications that stand in the way of this stated objective. Do you have what it takes to bring the NBA to the next level?

Please note this committee will be run as a traditional General Assembly with many Crisis elements (this committee will have Backroom elements). Please follow the Crisis Committee Position Paper format.

Osei Allen

Osei Allen


Hey, my name is Osei Allen and I am the chair for the Playoffs, Protocols, and Profit: NBA Board of Directors, 2023 committee at the Miami International Conference for the Simulation of the United Nations.  I am a freshman at the University of Miami studying Psychology, Political Science, and Music/Cello Performance. In my free time, I am a member of the Frost Symphony Orchestra, a mentor for local high school students, and an avid basketball player and bike rider. I am so excited to be chairing this committee and getting to know all this coming February!