The sun rises over the Bosphorus as Turkey’s most eventful night in recent history concludes. The Turkish people look to Ankara for answers after portions of the Turkish Armed Forces fail to overthrow Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his government in a coup d’état attempt. Delegates are summoned to restore order to the country and punish the plotters and their allies. President Erdoğan’s position seems to have weakened, but he will do whatever it takes to bounce back and become stronger. Delegates are expected to ensure that the Turkish Republic purges the collaborators of the Peace at Home Council and to strengthen their president’s future.

Turkey sits in a special place in the world. Since human civilization, it has been the bridge between the East and the West. Whatever goes on in Turkey is felt across the world. While the coup attempt will rattle the country for a bit, life must go on. Turkey’s economy is rapidly growing, the treasury is growing rich, and the country is dominating the political landscape in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. There is so much potential for Turkey to become a regional superpower. Can Turkey reclaim its throne of being the leader of the Islamic world with President Erdoğan as their sultan? How will delegates seek to take advantage of Turkey’s growing prominence in the world? Will they be able to continue 800 years of Turkish dominance in the region? The choices are yours to make!

Hadi Dalao

Hadi Dalao

Crisis Director

Hadi Dalao is a freshman biology major at the University of Miami’s College of Arts and Sciences. When he is not blasting Kanye in his dorm, he likes to hang out with friends and explore Miami’s food scene. Hadi is interested in a future in medicine and is involved in medical research here in South Florida. He is excited and honored to be a crisis director at his MICSUN IX and is hoping to provide delegates with an enriching experience!