The Russian invasion in Ukraine has quickly become one of the defining issues for the second decade of the 21st century. With a longstanding history of tensions and bilateral animosity, the contemporary Russo-Ukrainian struggle demonstrates the scars left by the ruptured Soviet Union are still bleeding. Transcending territorial disputes, the conflict concerns both countries under matters such as national sovereignty, citizenship, political alliances, and civil unrest.

In today’s globalized environment, it’s impossible for the fighting to remain limited to Eastern Europe. Economic, diplomatic, and political associations worldwide are left vulnerable to the outcome of this issue, forcing international stakeholders to balance their commercial interests with national ethics. With the unrest escalating by the minute, the world now turns to the United Nations’ Security Council for guidance. It will be imperative for delegates of this body to rise under the time constraint, and cautiously, yet effectively, orchestrate the international community’s response towards the safeguard of global security.

Domenica Nuñez Del Arco

Domenica Nuñez Del Arco

Crisis Director

Domenica Nunez del Arco is a freshman majoring in Economics and Computer Science in Miami Herbert Business School’s Class of 2025. Domenica was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where she started doing MUN in her first year of high school. During the five years she has done Model UN, Domenica has competed in several conferences, both in English and in Spanish.  When she has free time, you can find her drawing in her sketchbook, re-watching Pride and Prejudice for the millionth time, or blasting Taylor Swift out of her dorm room. Domenica is honored to serve as your UNSC crisis director!