Technology POLICY

MICSUN X encourages the use of technology in General Assembly committees throughout the conference for committee purposes only. This includes the use of a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to contribute to digital documents created during committee. The use of technology is not permitted in any Crisis committees and the use of technology in Specialized committees is up to the chair’s discretion. Technology should not be used for any other purpose throughout the duration of the conference.



Although we encourage the use of social media to show your friends and family how much fun you are having at MICSUN, please reserve this for all breaks and do not engage on social media during committee sessions.



Diplotmatic and friendly interactions are at the forefront of MICSUN’s values. However, as many delegates may find themselves in the same committees as their peers, either from their own team or neighboring schools, delegates should refrain from engaging with other delegates in a way that compromises the integrity of the competition. Delegates are encouraged to remain on country-policy within their interactions and to work closely with new faces throughout the conference. 



Western business attire (WBA) is the preferred dress code for all MICSUN conference dates.